Swarm #2 (Mothers Day)

This swarm was about 10 feet up in the tree, just high enough to require a step ladder.  The call came in about 5pm on mothers day, in low 70’s weather. Pruned the branch back to the swarm, clipped the branch off the tree, and shook it out onto the lid, directly in front of… (read more)

Swarm #1 of 2017

My friend over at www.ilovebees.buzz called me last night – and asked if I could take care of a swarm in the morning.  ABSOLUTELY!!  Located in a construction yard it took up residence in a pallet.  Weather overnight was rainy, and only mid 50’s for the morning. I moved the barrel off the pallet and… (read more)

New website – Year 2!

This is my hive that came into winter as a late June swarm.

Came out of winter kicking butt!!!  Already split into 3 hives.

The hive this swarm originally came from survived 2015-2016 Winter, swarmed, and the original hive also survived the 2016-2017 winter.  These are great genetics!!