Swarm #1 of 2017

My friend over at www.ilovebees.buzz called me last night – and asked if I could take care of a swarm in the morning.  ABSOLUTELY!!  Located in a construction yard it took up residence in a pallet.  Weather overnight was rainy, and only mid 50’s for the morning.

I moved the barrel off the pallet and scraped the bees into my box with a piece of #8 hardware cloth, then moved on to the pallet, making sure to watch for the queen.  Once I had enough of a population in the hive box they started moving in themselves.


I noticed they were fanning nasinov, but that bees closer to the ground ignored them, and crawled under the box.  I carefully lifted the box and moved it – and BOOM! queen!


She looked to be a virgin queen, but I grabbed her in a queen clip and hung it from a frame.  With a queen known to be inside the box – I closed up the lid, and encouraged the bees to move into the box with my screen, stapled the screen over the entrance hole and stuck them on my backseat.


Moved them out on my apiary location, and removed the screen.  Bees immediately started orienting to their new home.  I’ll wait a day or so (tomorrow is thunderstorms) and let the queen out of her clip.


The fields at the farm where my hives are kept are in heavy bloom with about 4 different types of flowers – I like to think they will appreciate the location.