Swarm #2 (Mothers Day)

This swarm was about 10 feet up in the tree, just high enough to require a step ladder.  The call came in about 5pm on mothers day, in low 70’s weather.

Pruned the branch back to the swarm, clipped the branch off the tree, and shook it out onto the lid, directly in front of the hive box.  They started marching in immediately.  Butts in the air with Nasonov gland out, fanning away – indicating the queen was likely to be inside the box already.  I hung around for a bit to make sure that they didn’t turn around and exit the hive.


I left them to finish loading themselves into the hive box, and returned just after dusk.  With temperatures down towards the high 50’s, all I had to do was screen over the entrance and put them in the car.   Drove over to where the hive would be located and placed them on a level footing.

Will open them up in about a week and check to make sure the queen is laying and they have started building.  Hive 17-4 is here!