My goal in beekeeping is to help the bees do what they want to do, not tell them what they should do, do it for them, or undo what they have done (without a damn good reason!!) Bees are not native to the USA, but were brought to the Americas by European colonists in 1622. Despite not being native, escaped bee swarms (how they reproduce) spread rapidly as far as the Great Plains, usually preceding the colonists. While honey bees do face new challenges and pests, they are fully capable of adjusting their behavior to combat these new challenges – as long as we let them.

If you haven’t gathered, I am a treatment-free beekeeper. – I do not put any chemicals or anything in my hives. The only thing in my hives is what the bees put there themselves.

Swarms are a way of honey bees reproducing. A honey bee hive is a superorganism, meaning the individuals cannot survive solo, and have to work as a team to live and thrive. While individual members of the hive are born and die on a regular basis, they are actually more like cells in your body than individual insects. For a honey bee hive to reproduce in the big picture they have to work as a team. While the process is much more complex, simply put half the hive decide to leave as a group and look for a new home.

They actually will all leave and find a place to rest temporarily while looking for a new place to move into. This will look like a giant mass of bees hanging out on a tree limb, fence post, branch, bush or any number of places. This is the best time to call a beekeeper to come get them, they are looking for a home and going to a beekeeper is better than finding a hole in the wall of your house or attic!.

As a matter of fact, if you’re in the Berks, PA or surrounding area – Call Me!!! 484-525-0886 I’d love to come get them to a safe appropriate location where they can bee (pun intended) themselves. Emailing pictures to mitchell@keepingfree.com is also greatly appreciated so I can make sure I arrive properly equiped to immediatly take care of them.